Women’s Rights Have
Come a Long Way

But Jeff Golden

Wants to Take Us Backwards

Player Jeff Golden

A Self-Described “Player”
Setting Women Back

The Wrong Priorities

Jeff Golden admitted that while serving in political office, he was more focused on being a “player” and “being honored” than “staying home and changing diapers” with his wife.

This led to Golden engaging in an extra-marital affair. 1

Can women trust Jeff Golden?

The Wrong Mindset

In his book, Jeff Golden wrote that his female coworkers were “busy workers” who have “perfected their time-wasting.”2

“They are operating under the illusion that they are doing useful work,”3 he wrote.

Golden went on to state his belief that women should be “subordinate”4 to men.

I would think that a woman’s socialization would make her more acquiescent and subordinate to orders given to her by men.

-Jeff Golden in Watermelon Summer

Jeff Golden’s

backwards views have no
place in our State Capitol.

The Wrong Conduct

A man’s language says everything about him.

Jeff Golden has shown us what’s really on his mind with his vulgar, disrespectful language that objectifies women.

Are those the values we want shaping the policies that affect our daughters, mothers, wives, and sisters?

Women's Rights
Aren't Safe

With Jeff

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Jeff Golden